I am a pre-release partner for independent musicians, artists, and labelsMy mastering and mix review services are all based around the idea of rendering the artist’s intent more clearly to the listener. My work is driven by the themes, subtexts, and emotions that my clients are trying to express, and always I hope to build lasting partnerships with all of my clients.

I also provide a lot of guidance and education for my clients along the way.  In an era where long-term artistic development is rarely handled by labels anymore, I think this is vitally important to all sonic artists. Many clients tell me the knowledge they gain is worth the price, not even including the actual mastering work.

At the end of the day, I provide the technical fixes, sweetening, correction, restoration, and polish needed for delivery for analogue and digital formats (vinyl, cassette, CD, streaming, digital download). Most mastering jobs for a standard-length album are finished within one business week, but that can vary based on communication patterns with the client, and how busy the studio is.

Contact me for availability and submission guidelines, or for custom-quoted mixing or producing projects.