I offer mixing, mix review, and mastering services for that critical last level of polish for independent artists and small labels working in non-traditional genres. I help artists sound like better versions of themselves, turning collections of tracks into actual albums…and I also provide a lot of guidance and education for my clients along the way.

The lines between composing, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering are blurry. Technological advances have created unrealistic expectations that every artist will be good at, or even enjoy doing, all of these things. Few of us really are.

Artists need an objective sanity check to ensure a professional release, but many traditional mastering engineers don’t understand the needs of lo-fi, experimental, ambient, noise, field recordings, sound art, and other modern styles outside of the mainstream.


Obsidian Sound’s core practice is mastering for independent artists and labels, with aggressive pricing and a deep respect for process, theme, and emotion. I provide the technical fixes, sweetening, and polish needed for delivery for cassette and digital formats (CD, streaming, digital download). This is centered around equalization, dynamics management, loudness optimization, and final delivery files and formats.

Most mastering jobs for a standard-length album are finished within one business week, but that can vary based on communication patterns with the client, and how busy my studio is.

At this time, Obsidian Sound does not master for vinyl, but is happy to recommend a mastering engineer for your project if you’d like to inquire.


I offer mixing services as well, in a variety of tiers: Mixing tracks or stems, tweaks and fixes to make things sit “just right” in the mix, and even simple mix reviews with focused listening and production feedback for the artist.

Obsidian Sound’s mixing service includes critical editing, de-noising, crossfade fixes, automation, and more.

Most mixing jobs for a standard-length album are finished within two business weeks, but can vary widely based on the details of the project (complexity, track count, song count, and many other factors).


Musical production assistance is also available. My space is also a fully-stocked electronic music production studio, with formats ranging from Elektron to Eurorack to Buchla, from the latest small-batch boutique synths to classic drum machines. This is rounded out with a large collection of effects pedals (new and vintage), a rich locker of microphones, and an iterative, experimental approach to recording honed from years of music production as well as field recording.


Contact me for availability and submission guidelines.