It was very clear working with Nathan Moody that he not only understands sound, he also gets music and deeply cares about the craft. Not only did he do an amazing job mastering my project by making it sound exactly as i wanted (and even better), he also gave extremely valuable feedback and recommendations leading up to the mastering process which allowed taking the project to the next level musically and sonically. I cannot recommend working with Nathan enough!

Hugo L Paris

Working with Nathan on the mastering process was a delight! He was able to see the vision I had for my album through and help prepare it for the outside world. His attention to detail, thorough notes, and belief in the music was highly appreciated. Can’t wait to work together again!

r beny

What I like best about working with Nathan is that it’s an actual collaboration. Not only did he do a beautiful job of mastering my music, he taught me how to make the production of my music better. Instead of fixing problematic frequencies or sounds, he taught me how to identify and fix them myself. When I’m floundering, he will have several suggestions on how to move forward that are never what I would think of myself. It’s been an ear opening experience for me. I went in to the process with a mastering engineer, and came out with a friend.

Corey Holms

Nathan really tries to understand the music and what I want with it; I feel that’s the most important thing you need when working together. Even with ‘not-so standard’ music and noise, he has the know-how to bring out the best. Even better then I imagined it would be. Fast, professional, honest, clear, open and a very pleasant person to work with. I’m so unbelievably happy with the results. Can’t wait to do my next project!

Raoul van Herpen

Having my album mastered by Obsidian Sound was the best choice for my project. Nathan took my mixes to the next level of professionalism and polish, and most importantly made my music sound more like the ideal I heard in my head. I’d recommend Obsidian Sound to anyone who wants an expert mastering engineer to tie their music together.

Zak Kain (Autotectonic)

Absolutely loving the masters! Everything sounds great to my ears. Super pleased with the results.

Scott Campbell