Selected Work

Obsidian Sound provides mix review, mixing, and mastering services to independent artists and labels that fall well outside of the mainstream. This includes electronic, ambient, lo-fi, noise, experimental, contemporary avant garde, and all manner of projects that might sit on the edges, boundaries, and overlaps of established genres. My goal is always to make your music a better version of you, from subtle sheen and polish to gut-punching impact, depending on your tastes and project needs.

Some of the latest releases that I've worked on are below.

Corey Holms - The Veneer Fades

Raoul van Herpen - Perpetuum Impromptu

Resynthesize - Data Cult Audio Mix

Mylar Melodies - datacult 59

Warm Data (Compilation)

Sunbeamer - Outside/Inside

Shipwreck Detective - Midnight Lace

Joss Manley - Compiled Randomness

Corey Holms - The Hidden Cost

r beny - Cascade Symmetry

Nathan Moody - Études III: Red Box

Nathan Moody - Études I: Blue Box