Selected Work

Obsidian Sound provides mix review, mixing, and mastering services to independent artists and labels that fall well outside of the mainstream. Every client walks away not just with professionally polished sound, but with tons of feedback and guidance on both aesthetic and technique.

Operated by mastering engineer and musician Nathan Moody, Obsidian Sound specializes in all manner of projects that might sit on the edges, boundaries, and overlaps of established genres: electronic, ambient, lo-fi, noise, experimental, contemporary avant garde, noise rock, melodic punk, crossover metal, and more. The goal is always to make your music a better version of you, from subtle polish to gut-punching impact, depending on your tastes and project needs.

Some of the latest releases that I've worked on are below. Get in touch for consultations quotes, or questions!

r beny - eistla

Marc Straight - I Am Venom

Donald Crunk - Pacific Pivot

Lindell Todd - Requiem for Tom Crawford

Various Artists - The Wrong Side of Mystery

Gerald Fjord - Good Morning, Midnight

Isolated Infants - Maths Kid

Nathan Moody - The Right Side of Mystery

Dark Sparkler - Year One

Autotectonic - GRYPNOS

Corey Holms - The Veneer Fades

Raoul van Herpen - Perpetuum Impromptu

Mylar Melodies - datacult 59

Resynthesize - Data Cult Audio Mix

Various Artists - Warm Data

Sunbeamer - Outside/Inside

Shipwreck Detective - Midnight Lace

Joss Manley - Compiled Randomness

Corey Holms - The Hidden Cost

r beny - Cascade Symmetry

Nathan Moody - Études III: Red Box