I’m Nathan Moody, and I run Obsidian Sound. Thousands of songs and many hundreds of releases have flowed through my analogue mastering desk here in Northern California. Feel free to peruse my client list

I believe in making artists better than I found them, not just their audio. I try to do my part to contribute to my clients’ long-term artistic development, and as a result, many clients have returned to me album after album, year after year.

I have a varied background as a musician, artist, and creative director, which makes artistic intent my most important guiding principle in mastering my clients’ work. My past experiences have forged strong pillars of communication, responsiveness, transparency, and honesty.

A final aside: Obsidian Sound’s power-hungry studio happens to use electricity that is entirely generated from renewable sources, because I believe it is my basic responsibility to do so.

I’d love to help polish your unique vision and voice. Please reach out.