I’m Nathan Moody. I’ve mastered thousands of songs in many genres, including ambient electronic, techno, IDM, experimental sound art, acoustic ballads, doom metal, and everything in between. My truest specialty, beyond all the audio engineering details, is working with transparency, honesty, and candor.

Three things make my mastering practice unique.

First, I believe in making artists better than I found them, not just their audio. I share extreme amounts of technical feedback and input with every client, so they can better express their unique visions. I try to do my part to contribute to my clients’ long-term artistic development, and as a result, many clients have returned to me album after album, year after year. I’m happy being the provider of a service, but I’m much happier being a member of a team to bring an artist’s vision to life, and to build strong relationships.

Second, my background as an artist and creative director makes artistic intent my most important guiding principle in mastering my clients’ work. All the other aspects of mastering – optimized loudness, format-specific corrections, and overall balancing of tracks – all come from a robust understanding of what the artist intends. My process is honed specifically to get at mood, theme, subtext, and intent.

Finally, my power-hungry studio filled with transformers and tubes and uses electricity that is 100% generated from renewable sources. From solar panels on the roof to purchasing overages only from wind and hydroelectric sources, and even minimizing business travel to reduce my carbon footprint, I strive to be eco-friendly as possible, because I believe it is my basic responsibility to do so. Single-use plastics are banned the studio!

I am a member of the Audio Engineering Society, was trained in studio recording and mixing by David Gibson of the California Recording Institute,  have professionally worked with digital audio for nearly three decades, and have gotten a lot of help from generous mastering engineers over the years to get me where I am today.

When I’m not working for other artists and labels at Obsidian Sound, I’m releasing my own albums, running my own private-press label and music publishing company, producing sound design, editing podcasts for networks like Luminary, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio, and exploring the outdoors.