Obsidian Sound provides analogue audio mastering services for albums, singles, and soundtracks for games and films. Its owner, mastering engineer Nathan Moody, has worked on thousands of songs and hundreds of projects for independent artists, film composers, music labels, game studios, and other institutions from all over the world.

Obsidian Sound takes a unique approach to understanding its clients’ creative intent. In addition to counting hundreds of individual composers, game studios, and artists as clients, the results have been released by the estate of Allen Ginsberg, ArenaNet, SA (Spitfire Audio) Recordings, the YouTube Audio Library, Rhodium Publishing, Mystery Circles, Chase Bliss Records, Errorgrid, Pelagic Records, Aural Canyon, Flag Day Recordings, BeatPPL, Worstward Recordings, and many more.

Some recent work is shown below; you can also see my full client list here. Email nathan [at] obsidiansound [dot] net for a quote, or with any questions you might have.

GW2: End of Dragons OST

Gang Violins - Greater Forces

Kepler North - Whispers

Marcus Bagala - Trans Pecos OST

Ivo Ivanov - Anecdote

Aqeel Aadam - Swim Simian

Hainbach - Landfill Totems

Guild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga OST

Gerald Fjord - Fracture

Anna Yarborough - On Madness at Sea

V/A - The Fall of America

V/A - Diggin' in the Wires Vol. 2

Ghost Lode - Terrestrial Bodies

Dennis Weijers - Accordion and Modular Synthesizer

Malarki - Consequence of Tomorrow

Duelling Ants - JfonO

True Cuckoo - I'm Not a DJ

Peninsula Repairs - Remove Cycles

V/A - Mystery Circles Compilation 2

BPMoore - If I Don't See You Again

Glass Haven (S/T)

Hainbach - Assertion

Rene G. Boscio – If We Seek With Intent

Todd Barton – Pulses/Buchla Nomad

Ootro - Paid to be Entertained

Aqeel Aadam - Hollow Moon

Ivo Ivanov - Anaphora

Jeff Schmidt - Subcortia