Selected Work

STUDIO UPDATE: Obsidian Sound will have limited availability until 1 November 2021.

Operated by mastering engineer and musician Nathan Moody, Obsidian Sound provides mastering and mix review services for projects ranging from albums and singles to soundtracks and sound art installations. Its clientele includes independent artists, labels, game studios, literary estates, and others with unique visions from all over the world.

What makes Obsidian Sound different is its unique approach to understanding artists’ intent, and the amount of feedback and guidance provided to every client. We believe that mastering shares aspects of art, science, and design, forging a better rendering the artist’s concepts and themes in service of an optimal listener experience.

Obsidian Sound is proud to count hundreds of independent artists, composers, and producers as its clients. The results have been released by labels and entities such as the estate of Allen Ginsberg, ArenaNet, SA (Spitfire Audio) RecordingsYouTube Audio Library, Rhodium PublishingMystery Circles, Chase Bliss Records, Errorgrid, Pelagic RecordsAural Canyon, Jacktone Records, Flag Day Recordings, BeatPPLBloxham Tapes, and many more.

Some recent projects are listed below. Get in touch for consultations, quotes, or questions.

Ivo Ivanov - Anaphora

Jeff Schmidt - S U B C O R T I A

Gerald Fjord - Fracture

V/A - Mystery Circles Comp Vol. 2

V/A - GW2 Icebrood Saga OST

Ivo Ivanov - Antithesis

Hainbach - Landfill Totems

V/A + Allen Ginsberg - The Fall of America

Brennan Fowler - Cliffside

Ootro - Paid to be Entertained

Malarki - Consequence of Tomorrow

Duelling Ants - JfonO

True Cuckoo - I'm Not a DJ

Jamie Bell - Lydia

Aqeel Aadam + FossilizeMe - Fault

David Rothbaum - Minatures

Peninsula Repairs - Remove Cycles

Lost Art of Surrender - Departure

V/A - Diggin' in the Wires, Vol 2

Glass Haven - (S/T)

Constant Shapes - Surroundings

V/A - Music for Another Sky

V/A - From the Source, Vol. 1

Orange and Mountains - Gloomy Lights

Cryptomeria - Entanglements

Ilyia - Tamazula

Johnny Woods & Josh Ascalon - Ghosts...

Rynning & Seneviratne - Magnetism

Gerald Fjord - Receiver

SaneSun Martyrs - Refusal of Man

Sunbeamer - Halcyon

Boscio - If We Seek With Intent

Malarki - X7e4

Various Artists - Resonant One

M.0 - Back to Form

Calendar Crowe - Couldn't Face It

Moon and Sea - Control

TL3SS - Crushing Me

Todd Barton - Pulses 7"

Joe Shoemaker - Flowers and Weeds

Hainbach - Assertion

User Friendly - Sickle

Lyburnum - Black Waters Over Blue

Aqeel Aadam - Hollow Moon

Go By Ocean - Mend the Morning Light

Drexler - Blossoms

Leo Wolf - Magnolia

Corey Holms - Vestige House

Mattesque - Esqueded

Avi Pfeffer - A Lasting Impression

Lost Chocolate Lab - Serious Frosting

François Minaux - Devotion

Barton Bayard Moody - Start from Silence

m.0 - Solace

Eric Schlappi - The Doomed City

Portrait Eyes - Map Fragments

Scott Metoyer - Currency Patterns

Gays Hate Techno - Vol. 4

Cathode Ray Tube - Dark Roads...

Pablo Swiss - Desert María

Jen Kutler - Disembodied

Gerald Fjord - Signals

Aqeel Aadam - Daydreams

Ryan J Raffa - Landscape and Self-Portraits

Tim Held - Music to Lose Come Down To

Seesound - Falling (Installation)

Nathan Moody - Shades

j bowman - A Better Place

Mousy Magazine - Life of a Leaf

Extinction Fields (Installation)

Xexyz - Melt

Lumerians - Yellowcake 7"

Constant Shapes - Rainbow Rituals

Scott Metoyer - Via Negativa

Nathan Moody - Heliopause

CloudOceans - Krome Avenue

m.0 - Streams from the Subconscious

Hugo R.A. Paris - Threaded Habitat

Methyl Lily - Animal Love Songs

User Friendly - EP2


Normandy Falls - AOTA

Sunbeamer/Escapecraft - Crucimedusina

Nicolas Lalonde - Demain Matin

m.0 - Rituals in Time

Luminist - Infinity Mirrors

Meatprisoner - Test

Corey Holms - Intrusive Thoughts

Franck Martin - Elements

Alexander Maschke - Superimposed

Raoul van Herpen - Tempered Rhyme

Coffinkeys - Save Me From the Light

Untilled Sound - Transit Maps Vol. 1

Ryan J Raffa - With Silence

Constant Shapes - Enchantment

Rosetta - Sower of Wind

r beny - eistla

Jörgen Kjellgren - Mediterraneo

Hark Madley - stream

Eric Schlappi - Icarium

Mylar Melodies - Videomusik

Billy Faithful - Vocabulary

Zona - Appel Du Noir

Jörgen Kjellgren - Chasing Silence

Pablo Swiss - 155mph

Various Artists - Resonant Frequencies

Marc Straight - I Am Venom

Donald Crunk - Pacific Pivot

Lindell Todd - Requiem for Tom Crawford

Various Artists - The Wrong Side of Mystery

Gerald Fjord - Good Morning, Midnight

Isolated Infants - Maths Kid

Nathan Moody - The Right Side of Mystery

Dark Sparkler - Year One

Decrem - Premium Outlet Mall

Autotectonic - GRYPNOS

Corey Holms - The Veneer Fades

Raoul van Herpen - Perpetuum Impromptu

Mylar Melodies - datacult 59

Resynthesize - Data Cult Audio Mix

Various Artists - Warm Data

Sunbeamer - Outside/Inside

Shipwreck Detective - Midnight Lace

Joss Manley - Compiled Randomness

Nathan Moody - Études III: Red Box

Corey Holms - The Hidden Cost

r beny - Cascade Symmetry

Nathan Moody - Études I: Blue Box