Ears, experience, and perspective are more important than equipment, but I realize some like knowing what sorts of facilities and equipment can be brought to bear on their projects.

I run a hybrid digital/analogue mastering chain in an acoustically treated room (treatment and plan designed by Ethan Winer of Real Traps). My mastering tools include solid state and tube/valve outboard gear, high-end AD/DA conversion, and professional mastering software. This palette can provide everything from intense, euphonic coloration to utter sonic transparency, depending on project needs.


  • Tyler Acoustics D2X mastering monitors
  • Dual Emotiva PA-1 monoblock amplifiers
  • Barefoot Footprint 01 near field monitors
  • Coleman Audo M3PH-MKIII monitor controller
  • Many styles of earbuds, professional headphones, and in-ear monitors

Outboard Signal Processing

  • Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA Converter w/Quantum Upgrade
  • Dangerous Music Liaison Input Switcher
  • Foote Control Systems P3S ME Class A+ Mastering Compressor (Cinemag transformer option)
  • Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor
  • Custom Audio Germany HDE-250A Parametric Mid/Side Equalizer
  • Summit Audio EQP-200B Stereo Tube Equalizer
  • Elysia Karacter Discrete Class A Saturator
  • Kludge Audio 510 Transwarmers
  • Many varieties of preamps and other signal processors
  • Professional cassette decks and turntables

Digital Signal Processing

  • Plug-ins by Cytomic, DMG, FabFilter, MeterPlugs, Softube/Weiss, SoundToys, and dozens more
  • Mac Pro with SSD’s, RAIDs, and three-tier onsite/offsite/cloud backup systems
  • Steinberg WaveLab Pro Mastering DAW
  • iZotope RX Advanced
  • Apple Logic Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Cockos Reaper DAWs

Questions about how any of this can improve the sound of your recordings? Just drop me a line.