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Obsidian Sound provides the final quality control and technical creative polish needed for delivery for analogue and digital formats (vinyl premasters, cassette, CD, streaming, digital download). The foundations of its process is understanding artistic intent and the sharing of knowledge. Many clients have said that the knowledge they gain during a project with the studio is worth the price, beyond even the actual mastering work.

Obsidian Sound mastered primarily in the analogue domain, with the ability to provide rich coloration or utter transparency. Read more about the studio and its tools.

Reach out to get your music ready to share with the world.

Mix Reviews (Written or Live)

While thorough evaluations and “mix fix" suggestions are made on every mastering project, Obsidian Sound also offers more detailed mix review services. Detailed analysis, actionable critiques, and creative suggestions can be provided via email, or done via live chat with uncompressed audio streaming back to the client. Some clients even hire me to consult on their PR and release strategies, given my experience as a recording artist. See the Obsidian Sound rate sheet for more, or contact the studio with any questions.

if you need a mixing engineer for your project, please inquire and I’m happy to provide a referral.

Consulting, Training, and Custom Projects

Nathan Moody also does music editing, game music implementation, audio restoration, expert legal audio forensics, and custom consultations and tutoring on a variety of topics, based on 20 years’ worth of mentoring, teaching, mixing, mastering, and releasing his own music. Give a shout if you’d like Nathan’s experience and perspective on your custom project.