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I provide the technical fixes and final sonic creative polish needed for delivery for analogue and digital formats (vinyl premasters, cassette, CD, streaming, digital download). Most mastering jobs for a standard-length album can be delivered quicky, but that can vary based on communication patterns with the client, and how busy my studio is…feel free to inquire at any timePlease note that I do not offer free samples or demos.

My work is driven by the themes, subtexts, and emotions that my clients are trying to express, in order to render the artist’s intent more clearly to the listener. I believe that understanding and respecting artistic intent is the key to success, and that I want to leave both my clients and their audio better than when we first met. 

I also provide a lot of guidance and education for my clients along the way.  In an era where long-term artistic development is rarely handled by labels anymore, I think this is vitally important to all sonic artists. Many clients tell me the knowledge they gain is worth the price, beyond even the actual mastering work.

Mix Reviews (Written or Live)

While I always will make “mix fix" suggestions on every mastering project, I also offer more detailed mix review services for those artists that want to learn and correct any mix issues themselves prior to mastering. Detailed and actionable critiques and suggestions can be provided via email, or done via live chat with uncompressed audio streaming back to the client. Some clients even hire me to consult on their PR and release strategies, given my experience as a recording artist. See my rate sheet for more.