• Invoices sent, and payable, via PayPal
  • New clients must pay 100% of their invoice amount in advance
  • No additional fees for reasonable revisions
  • All payments and deposits are non-refundable
  • Re-submitting mixes after mastering has started will result in additional song submission fees
  • Update, 2020: I don’t do much mixing these days, but am happy to either discuss a mixing project or refer you to a trusted mixing partner (from new talent to Grammy Award® winners) if you inquire


I produce custom quotes for all mastering projects: traditional mastering, stem mastering, vinyl premastering, providing CD DDPs, restoration/remastering, and more! I am affordable for both independent artists as well as labels and game studios/publishers. Contact me to discuss your project, for an estimate, or for a copy of my submission guidelines!

I offer discounts for projects that support charitable causes.

Reach out if you’re in need of referrals to mixing engineers.


  • $70/hour, for one song under 10 minutes in length (time slots of up to two hours can be scheduled)
  • Live analysis, discussion, and fixes while you watch (request a time slot)
  • You leave with specific tips to fix the mix yourself
  • Fee includes one follow-up review based on changes made by the artist


  • $50/song
  • Lengthy written analysis, with specific fix suggestions, is provided (request a sample)
  • Fee includes one follow-up review based on changes made by the artist