I’m Nathan Moody, and Obsidian Sound is my audio engineering practice, primarily focusing on audio mastering, but with some mixing and even producing, depending on my client’s needs.

What makes me unique is my background as a visual artist and creative director. This makes artistic intent my most important guiding principle in mastering my clients’ work. All the other aspects of mastering, such as optimized loudness, format-specific corrections, and overall balancing of tracks into a cohesive album, all come from a robust understanding of what the artist intends. Mood, theme, subtext, and intent are far more important than genre, and my process is honed specifically to get at these critical issues.

My truest specialty, beyond all the audio engineering details, is working with transparency, honesty, and candor. I never lose sight of the fact that I’m being trusted with my clients’ sweat-and-blood-drenched work. They’ve created a musical world, and I’m here just to maximize its impact on the heart of the listener.

I am a member of the Audio Engineering Society, was trained in recording mixing by David Gibson of the California Recording Institute, and have gotten a lot of help from generous mastering engineers over the years to get me where I am today.

When I’m not working for other artists and labels at Obsidian Sound, I’m releasing my own albums, producing sound designmaking short films, and exploring the outdoors.